Critically ill COVID-19 patients attended by anesthesiologists in northwestern Spain : a multicenter prospective observational study

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: There are limited information on outcome, complications and treatments of critically ill COVID-19 patients requiring admission to an intensive care unit (ICU). The aim of this study is to describe the clinical ICU course, treatments used, complications and outcomes, of critically ill COVID-19 patients admitted in seven ICU in Galicia region during the 2020 March-April pandemic peak.

METHODS: Between March 21 and April 19, 2020, we evaluated critically ill COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU of Anesthesia of seven hospitals in Galicia, northwestern Spain. Outcome, complications, and treatments were monitored until May 6, 2020, the final date of follow-up.

RESULTS: A total of 97 critically ill COVID-19 patients were included. During ICU stay, mechanical ventilation became necessary in 80 (82.5%) patients, and tracheostomy in 22 (22.7%) patients. Prone position was used frequently in both intubated (67.5%) and awake (27.8%) patients. Medications consisted of antivirals agents (92.7%), corticosteroids (93.8%), tocilizumab (57.7%), and intermediate or high doses of anticoagulants (83.5%). The most frequent complications were ICU-acquired infection (52.6%), thrombosis events (16.5%), and reintubation (9.3%). After a median follow-up of 42 (34-45) days, 15 patients (15.5%) deceased, 73 patients (75.2%) had been discharged from ICU, and nine patients (9.3%) were still in the ICU.

CONCLUSIONS: A high proportion of our critically ill COVID-19 patients required mechanical ventilation, prone positioning, antiviral medication, corticosteroids, and anticoagulants. ICU complications were frequent, mainly infections and thrombotic events. We had a relatively low mortality of 15,5%.

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Revista espanola de anestesiologia y reanimacion - Vol. 68, No. 1 (2021), p. 10-20



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Pacientes críticos COVID-19 atendidos por anestesiólogos en el Noroeste de España: estudio multicéntrico, prospectivo, observacional


Taboada, M
Rama, P
Pita-Romero, R
Moreno, E
Leal, S
Varela, M
Cid, M
Caruezo, V
Alvarado de la Torre, S
Corujeira, M
Sarmiento, A
Domínguez, B
Diaz, P
Cánovas, L
López Sánchez, M
Vilas, E
Rodríguez, A
Freire, L
Domínguez, S
Baluja, A
Atanassoff, P G




Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Critically ill patients
Decúbito prono
Journal Article
Pacientes críticos
Prone positioning
Síndrome de distrés respiratorio agudo (SDRA)


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