Dynamic of irisin secretion change after moderate-intensity chronic physical exercise on obese female

Objectives Exercise is one of the beneficial mediators for the regulation and prevention of obesity through the role of irisin, so it potentially enhances metabolism health. This study aims to investigate the dynamic of irisin secrecy change after chronic exercise in obese females. Methods Thirty-one female adolescents aged 20–22 years enrolled in the study and were given interventions aerobic, resistance, and a combination of aerobic and resistance training. The exercises were performed at moderate-intensity, for 35–40 min per session, and three times a week for four weeks. The measurement of irisin level, IGF-1 level, and bio-anthropometry was carried out before and after the four weeks of exercise. The bio-anthropometry measurement was carried out using seca mBCA 514, while the measurement of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and irisin was completed using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The obtained data were analyzed using a one-way ANOVA test with 5 % significance. Results Our results indicated higher dynamic of irisin and IGF-1 increases in the group with a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercises than the other two groups with a different exercise. Further, we also observed different dynamics of irisin and IGF-1 level increase (p<0.05). Besides, the irisin was also correlated with the IGF-1 and bio-anthropometric parameters (p<0.05). Conclusions The combination of aerobic and resistance training exercises is considered as the alternative for enhancing the dynamic of irisin and IGF-1 increase. Thus, it can be used to prevent and regulate obesity..

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Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology - 34(2023), 4 vom: 22. Mai, Seite 539-547




Merawati, Desiana [Author]
Susanto, Hendra [Author]
Taufiq, Ahmad [Author]
Pranoto, Adi [Author]
Amelia, Dessy [Author]
Rejeki, Purwo Sri [Author]


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