Neurointensive Care : A Clinical Guide to Patient Safety

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Cham: Springer International Publishing ; 2023

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Foreword; Preface; Contents; Contributors; Chapter 1: Patient Safety Standards in the Neuro-ICU; Historical Perspective; Measures of Quality and Safety Measures; Structure Measures; Specialized Neurocritical Care Units; System Support; Team; Unit Leaders; Intensivists; Advanced Practice Providers; Nursing Management; Direct Care Nursing Staff; Multidisciplinary Providers; Education; Process Outcomes; Culture; Quality and Safety; Outcome Measures; Managing Error and Quality Improvement; Patient Outcomes

QI Programs Based on Total Quality Management Principles Quality/Safety Reporting Conclusions; References; Chapter 2: Airway Safety in the Neurocritical Care Unit; Introduction; The Decision to Intubate; Risks to Patient Safety; Inability to Protect the Airway; Anticipating the Need for Intubation; Neck Hematoma; Safety Barriers and Risk-Benefit Assessment; Performing Intubation Safely; Risks to Patient Safety; The Difficult Airway; Difficult Bag-Mask Ventilation; Cerebral Herniation; Cerebral Ischemia; Succinylcholine and the Risk of Hyperkalemia

Worsening of Cervical Spine Injury Loss of the Neurological Exam; General Complications Related to Intubation; Managing the Airway Safely: The Role of Algorithms and Airway Teams; Airway Teams; Airway Carts and Equipment; The Difficult Airway and Failed Airway Algorithms; Is This a Failed Airway?; Is RSI Reasonable?; Is Awake Intubation Reasonable?; Extubation Safety; Risks to Patient Safety; Post-extubation Stridor (PES); Predicting PES; Prevention of PES; Risk-Benefit Analysis and the Decision to Extubate; Management of PES; Inability to Protect the Airway

Risk-Benefit Assessment and the Decision to ExtubateDifficult Airway; Airway Emergencies in the Intubated Patient; Risks to Patient Safety; Airway Occlusion; Unplanned Extubation; Dislodgement of Tracheostomy Tube; Dos and Don'ts; Dos; Don'ts; References; Chapter 3: Mechanical Ventilation in the Neuro-ICU; Introduction; Case; Risks of Patient Safety; Safety Barriers; Discussion; Positive End-Expiratory Pressure; Permissive Hypercapnia; Prone Positioning; Adjunctive Therapy; Interventional Lung Assist; Nitric Oxide Inhalation; Neuromuscular Blocking Agents; Neuro-Monitoring

Summary Dos and Don'ts; Dos; Don'ts; References; Chapter 4: Nutrition in Neuro-ICU; Introduction; Case; Safety Concerns in Our Patient; Challenges in Providing Nutrition in Neuro ICU; Nutritional Requirement; Nutritional Assessment; Caloric Requirement; Protein Requirement; Initiation of Nutrition Therapy; Early Nutrition; Intolerance to Feeding; Feed Intolerance and Aspiration Pneumonia; Glycemic Control; Parenteral Nutrition; Refeeding Syndrome; Specific Patient Groups; Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Cerebrovascular Disease; Spinal Cord Injury (SCI); Myasthenic Crisis (MC)

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)




Wartenberg, Katja E. [Author]
Shukri, Khalid [Other Person]
Abdelhak, Tamer [Other Person]






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