Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine

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Hoboken: Wiley ; 2039


24th ed

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""Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine Fourth Edition""; ""Contents of Volume 1""; ""Contents of Volume 2""; ""List of Contributors""; ""Preface""; ""Preface to Third Edition""; ""Preface to Second Edition""; ""Preface to First Edition""; ""1 Historical Perspectives""; ""Part I Human Aging: A Biological Perspective""; ""2 A Biological Perspective on Aging""; ""3 Immunity and Aging""; ""4 Physiology of Aging""; ""5 Aging of the Brain""; ""6 Psychological Aspects of Aging""; ""7 Neurochemistry of Aging""; ""8 Neuropathology of Aging""

""Part II Human Aging: Social and Community Perspectives""""9 The Demography of Aging""; ""10 Social and Community Aspects of Aging""; ""11 Sexuality and Aging""; ""12 Physical Fitness and Exercise""; ""13 Transportation, Driving, and Older Adults""; ""14 Smoking in the Elderly""; ""15 Alcohol Use and Abuse""; ""16 On the Evolution of All-cause and Cause-specific Mortality in the Age Class 75�84 years: a Worldwide Overview""; ""17 Elder Abuse""; ""18 Smart Homes""; ""Part III Medicine in Old Age""; ""19 Preventive Geriatrics""; ""20 Polypharmacy, is this Another Disease?""

""21 The Problem-Orientated Approach to Geriatric Medicine""""Section 1 Eating Disorders and Nutritional Health""; ""22 Oral Health""; ""23 Oral Disease""; ""24 Epidemiology of Nutrition and Aging""; ""25 Absorption of Nutrients""; ""26 The Anorexia of Aging""; ""27 Weight Loss in Older Adults""; ""28 Dehydration""; ""29 Vitamins and Minerals in the Elderly""; ""30 Obesity in the Elderly""; ""Section 2 Gastro Disorders""; ""31 Changes in Gastrointestinal Motor and Sensory Function Associated with Aging""; ""32 Gastrointestinal Bleeding""; ""33 Liver and Gall Bladder""

""34 Sphincter Function""""35 Constipation""; ""36 Diseases of the Pancreas""; ""Section 3 Hematological Disorders""; ""37 Anemia in Older Persons""; ""38 Disorders of Hemostasis""; ""39 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation""; ""40 Anticoagulants in the Elderly""; ""41 Myelodysplasia""; ""42 Management of Leukemia in the Elderly""; ""Section 4 Cardiovascular Disease and Health""; ""43 Epidemiology of Heart Disease""; ""44 Cardiac Aging and Systemic Disorders""; ""45 Arrhythmias in the Elderly""; ""46 Ischemic Heart Disease in Elderly Persons""; ""47 Valvular Disease in the Elderly""

""48 Hypertension""""49 Mechanisms of Heart Failure""; ""50 Heart Failure in the Elderly""; ""51 Management of Acute Cardiac Emergencies and Cardiac Surgery""; ""52 Cardiac Surgery in the Elderly""; ""53 Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis""; ""54 Peripheral Vascular Disease in Elderly Persons""; ""55 Venous Thromboembolism""; ""56 Cardiac Cachexia""; ""57 Cardiac Rehabilitation in Older People""; ""Section 5 Respiratory Diseases""; ""58 Epidemiology of Respiratory Infection""; ""59 The Effect of Aging on the Respiratory Skeletal Muscles""; ""60 Aspiration Pneumonia""

""61 Respiratory Disease in the Elderly""




Pathy, M. S. John [Author]
Morley, John E. [Other Person]
Sinclair, Alan J. [Other Person]






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