PubPharm search platform help

With PubPharm you can research for free in more than 55 million publications from the field of pharmacy and related life sciences. Below you will also find the Specialised Information Service (SIS) Pharmacy licensed journals.
Here you can find further information regarding PubPharm (presently only in german): Screencast about PubPharm / Was is the difference between PubPharm and PubMed?

+ What is the PubPharm search platform?

+ What technical details are behind the PubPharm search platform?

+ How can I make the search more effective and selective?

+ How can I sort and limit the number of results?

+ What information can I find in the result list?

+ What information do I find in the detail view?

+ How do I get the full text of an item?

+ How can I use the list of favourites and the export function?

+ How can I use the advanced search?

+ How to search with search commands?

+ What does the structure search offer?

+ What does the innovative suggestion functionality offer?

+ Does it make a difference whether I search from the smartphone or from the desktop PC?

+ Where can I get more information?