Implementation and impact of rapid SARS-CoV-2 point of care test on patient flow in the frailty pathway; A quality improvement approach

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To maintain patient flow during the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid and accurate decisions for the safe triage of geriatrics patients was essential as turnaround times for laboratory testing was ineffective at supporting rapid clinical decision-making for transfer of care. Thus, to mitigate and inform these clinical decisions, a quality improvement collaborative project with the geriatrics and virology department was conducted at the Frailty Assessment Unit (FAU) at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The goal was to facilitate patient triage during transfer of care with the introduction of Point of Care testing (POCT). The interventions which resulted in significant improvements were based on the fishbone problem solving approach and the driver diagram with change ideas informing the five Plan, Do, Study and Act (PDSA) cycles. The QI intervention was crucial in supporting clinical staff decision making during transfers for 95% of patients who had been clinically judged as asymptomatic for COVID-19 infection. High staff engagement was observed with 83% of staff suggesting the process map was easy to follow and 92% of clinical staff agreed it contained sufficient information to support the testing process. With POCT introduction, the proportion of patients who were transferred with an early POCT result increased by 20% in the Rosewell House group and by 65% in the community Hospitals group, once governance arrangements were in place. Finally, the considerable uptake of POCT by the ward consequently led to a decrease of up to 86% in the number of samples sent to the laboratory for rapid SARS-CoV-2 testing. The quality improvement project provided a rapid and reliable SARS-CoV-2 triage tool and was effectively integrated into the geriatrics triage algorithm to facilitate patient placement and flow.

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