SARS-CoV-2 Catalonia contact tracing program : evaluation of key performance indicators

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BACKGROUND: Guidance on SARS-CoV-2 contact tracing indicators have been recently revised by international public health agencies. The aim of the study is to describe and analyse contact tracing indicators based on Catalonia's (Spain) real data and proposing to update them according to recommendations.

METHODS: Retrospective cohort analysis including Catalonia's contact tracing dataset from 20 May until 31 December 2020. Descriptive statistics are performed including sociodemographic stratification by age, and differences are assessed over the study period.

RESULTS: We analysed 923,072 contacts from 301,522 SARS-CoV-2 cases with identified contacts (67.1% contact tracing coverage). The average number of contacts per case was 4.6 (median 3, range 1-243). A total of 403,377 contacts accepted follow-up through three phone calls over a 14-day quarantine period (84.5% of contacts requiring follow-up). The percentage of new cases declared as contacts 14 days prior to diagnosis evolved from 33.9% in May to 57.9% in November. All indicators significantly improved towards the target over time (p < 0.05 for all four indicators).

CONCLUSIONS: Catalonia's SARS-CoV-2 contact tracing indicators improved over time despite challenging context. The critical revision of the indicator's framework aims to provide essential information in control policies, new indicators proposed will improve system delay's follow-up. The study provides information on COVID-19 indicators framework experience from country's real data, allowing to improve monitoring tools in 2021-2022. With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic being so harmful to health systems and globally, is important to analyse and share contact tracing data with the scientific community.

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Herrero, Mercè [Author]
Ciruela, Pilar [Author]
Mallafré-Larrosa, Meritxell [Author]
Mendoza, Sergi [Author]
Patsi-Bosch, Glòria [Author]
Martínez-Solanas, Èrica [Author]
Mendioroz, Jacobo [Author]
Jané, Mireia [Author]
Epidemiological Surveillance Network of Catalonia [Author]
Carmona Parcerisa, Gloria [Other Person]
Martinez Mateo, Ana Isabel [Other Person]
Pequeño Saco, Sandra [Other Person]
Leon Garcia, Agata Raquel [Other Person]
Domenech, Elisabet [Other Person]
Pericas Escalé, Carles [Other Person]
Barrabeig Fabregat, Irene [Other Person]
Rovira Faixa, Ariadna [Other Person]
Carol Torrades, Mònica [Other Person]
Guadalupe Fernandez, Victor [Other Person]
Bes Montalat, Nuria [Other Person]
Follia Alsina, M Nuria [Other Person]
Ferras Prats, Joaquim [Other Person]
Minguell Verges, Sofía [Other Person]
Ferrús Serra, Gloria [Other Person]
Godoy Garcia, Pere [Other Person]
Alseda Graells, Miquel [Other Person]
Parron Bernabe, Ignacio [Other Person]
Cirera Viladot, Anna [Other Person]
Rius Gibert, Cristina [Other Person]
García de Olalla Rizo, Patricia [Other Person]
Pérez Albarracín, Glòria [Other Person]
Sala Farre, Maria-Rosa [Other Person]
Clotet Romero, Laura [Other Person]
Herrero Garcia, Mercè [Other Person]
Ciruela Navas, Pilar [Other Person]
Mallafré-Larrosa, Meritxell [Other Person]
Mendoza Funes, Sergi [Other Person]
Patsi-Bosch, Glòria [Other Person]
Martínez-Solanas, Èrica [Other Person]
Mendioroz Peña, Jacobo [Other Person]
Jané Checa, Mireia [Other Person]




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