Negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome - a case report

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Diabetic foot syndrome is in the variety of diabetes complications. It is one of the most severe and common, is usually observed in the elderly mainly in poorly controlled diabetes. The proper treatment requires involvement of doctors of various specialities and, although numerous newest, supportive therapies and rehabilitation are used, the diabetic foot syndrom may lead to limb amputation and, consequently, serious disability.

A CASE REPORT: A patient was hospitalized in the Department of Oncological Surgery UCK in July and August 2020. He was admitted to the Department from the Emergency Department due to the phlegmon of the left foot and toes necrosis in progress of the diabetic foot syndrome. The patient was treated with type II insulin-dependent diabetes for many years. In the last months before admission to the hospital, the controls in the Diabetic and Diabetic Foot Syndrom Outpatient Departments were not exact due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID- 19. Thanks to the use of modern techniques of local wound healing, including negative pressure wound therapy and supportive therapies it was possible to preserve the limb, despite being qualified for amputation on admission to the hospital. We achieved a fairly good cosmetic effect and in the consequence - a chance for an independent life in an acceptable condition.

CONCLUSIONS: The involvement of medical personnel, the use of negative pressure therapy and hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of wounds and supportive therapies allowed for limb preservation and improvement of the patient's quality of life.

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Polski merkuriusz lekarski : organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego - Vol. 49, No. 291 (2021), p. 213-216



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Zastosowanie terapii podciśnieniowej w leczeniu zespołu stopy cukrzycowej – opis przypadku


Cichon, Paulina
Ekmana, Marcin


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