Ambient Assisted Living : Italian Forum 2014

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Cham: Springer International Publishing ; 2023

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Preface; Committees; Contents; Part I Models and Algorithms for AAL; A Quality Model for Service Delivery in AAL and AT Provision ; Abstract ; 1 Quality in Service Delivery for AAL and AT Solutions Provision: Reference Scenario; 2 The Proposed Model; 3 The Experimentation of the Proposed Model: Quality Measurement Activities; 3.1 Data Analysis; 4 Results; 4.1 Satisfaction with Service Delivery and the Solution; 4.2 Effectiveness of Recommended Solutions; 5 Conclusions; References; Pedestrian Simulation: Considering Elderlies in the Models and in the Simulation Results ; Abstract

1 Introduction2 A Discrete Model with Heterogeneous Speeds; 2.1 Special Objects of the Environment; 2.2 Presence of a Caretaker; 3 A Proposal for Social Costs Analysis; 4 Conclusions and Future Works; References; User-Oriented Services Based on Sensor Data ; Abstract ; 1 Introduction; 2 The GiraffPlus System Functionalities; 3 Managing Sensor Data to Synthesize Additional Information; 4 User Interaction Services; 4.1 The Office Environment; 4.2 The Home Environment; 5 Conclusion; References; Investments and Sustainability of Public Expenditure in the Health Sector ; Abstract

1 Introduction2 The Health Care System and the Main Areas of Digital Innovation; 3 Relationship Between ICT and Human Health Services in Economic National Account; 4 Dynamic CGE: The Economic Impact on ICT Through Human Health Services Demand; 5 Conclusion; References; Design Adaptable and Adaptive User Interfaces: A Method to Manage the Information ; Abstract ; 1 Introduction; 2 Research Background; 2.1 Adaptive & Adaptable User Interfaces; 2.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Principal Types of Interface; 3 Design an Adaptive User Interface

4 Proposed Method: Adaptive Management Interface5 Conclusions and Future Developments; References; Part II Sensing Technologies for AAL; Predicting Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease with a Smartphone: Comparison Between Two Algorithms ; Abstract ; 1 Introduction; 2 Materials and Methods; 2.1 Data Processing; 2.2 Subjects' Recruitment; 2.3 Experimental Assessment Protocol; 3 Results; 4 Discussion and Future Work; References; A Wireless Sensor Insole to Collect and Analyse Gait Data in Real Environment: The WIISEL Project ; Abstract ; 1 Introduction; 2 Prototype Components

2.1 Integrated Insole System2.1.1 Sensors Layer; 2.1.2 Electronics Layer; 2.2 Wireless Communications; 2.3 Power System; 2.4 Smartphone Application; 2.5 Data Analysis Platform; 3 Clinical Validation; 3.1 Participants; 3.2 Pilot Study Phase; 3.2.1 Structured Environment; 3.2.2 Home Environment; 3.3 Validation Study Phase; 4 Impacts Expected from the Project; References; MuSA: Wearable Multi Sensor Assistant for Human Activity Recognition and Indoor Localization ; Abstract ; 1 Introduction; 2 MuSA; 3 Human Activity Recognition; 4 Indoor Localization; 5 Results and Conclusions; References

Tools for Behavior Monitoring: An Ambient Assisted Living Real Experience




Andò, Eugenio Bruno [Author]
Siciliano, Pietro [Other Person]
Marletta, Vincenzo [Other Person]






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