Drug Overviews


The Narrative Service (BETA version) generates individual association overviews of a drug or a bioactive substance, for example, Which diseases are treated with Eptinezumab?.

If one now wants to know, e.g., in which dosage forms Eptinezumab is available and can be used, a new query in the Narrative Service is necessary. For such overviews, we developed the extension Drug Overviews  (a unique feature of PubPharm). In this new service, users can search specifically for a drug substance, and the service presents (I) existing information from the ChEMBL database (including pkA and logP values, molecular mass, etc.) and (II) extracted associations from the literature (e.g., interactions with drug substances, information on targets and laboratory methods, indications, dosage forms, etc.).

A video tutorial introducing the Drug Overviews can be found here. The associations are additionally represented as prototypic network views in the Drug Overviews. A tutorial video introducing the feature is available here.

You can find more information material about PubPharm features here.